Fred Ingels Peterson (born February 8, 1942) is a former Major League Baseball Player  who played for the New York Yankees. His best success in 1970 with the Yankees when he went 20-11 and pitched in the All Star Game.  During the final game at Yankee Stadium on Sunday, September 21, 2008, ESPN Sports announced that Fritz Peterson had the all-time lowest earned run average at Yankee Stadium, with a 2.52 ERA. Whitey Ford was second with a 2.55 ERA. The honor is permanent since Yankee Stadium has been demolished. Peterson was the starting pitcher for the Yankees in the last game played at the original Yankee Stadium, which was completely renovated after the final game of the 1973 season.



Dennis Lee Rasmussen (born April 18, 1959 in Los Angeles California )In 1986, pitching for the New York Yankees, his batting average against of .217 was 2nd best in the AL. In a 12-season career, Rasmussen posted a 91-77 record with 835


  Jeffrey Allan Nelson (born November 17, 1966) is an American former Major League Relief Pitcher who played 15 years. In his Major League career Nelson pitched in 798 games with a 48-45 record, and with runners in scoring position and two out he held batters to a .191 batting average. In 55 post-season games (second all-time behind former teammate Mariano Rivera )


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Faceless Terrorists. They walk among us, they live among us, they enjoy the full life of liberty and justice.  They hide in the mist, they cowardly put on a mask  and shoot, bomb, and kill the innocent people who are only trying to live their lives and make a better future for themselves and their families. As I look at what is going on in the world, I just can’t seem to understand why so many innocent people have to keep dying.

It does not matter what part of the world you are in, all I keep seeing from these terrorist is nothing but a bunch of cowards who won’t even show their faces. They kill people who have nothing to do with whatever they are fighting for. Please explain to me what’s the point of blowing yourself up? There is no need to kill anyone else if you are going to do it yourself. How would the 72 virgins know?

Our founding fathers fought a Revolutionary War and they never hid their faces and didn’t kill any innocent people to make their points. If people feel that strongly about their beliefs then go after the people who have the power to change things; but not with violence of the hands or with weapons but with words. Words can make many things happen, when the people are adamant about something they should go and be heard.   

When AL QUEDA attacked on 9/11 they did it by air because they were afraid to do it by land. They knew if they had to cross the Bronx they where going to get robbed. When their attempt in 1993 failed they got busted because of their good all “American greed”. They tried to get their deposit back. So today we have to deal with ISIS The faceless terrorist, the cowards; they attack a concert hall, restaurants, and a stadium in France with their masks on they pull off this massacre. When they behead people they wear their masks and when they blow themselves up they put on their masks. I don’t think this is what the prophet Muhammad  had in mind. 

Yes I am a mad American citizen. I am so tired of hearing about so many innocent people dying. I am tired of having the media telling me that I am not safe in my own State. I feel that putting fear into people is the wrong way to go. I feel that finger-pointing at this stage in the game is way too late. I want my Presidential Candidates to tell me their plans of how they are going to keep us safe. I don’t want to hear that we should blame this person or that person, I want to hear that we are doing this and we are doing that to protect our future. To try is to fail and to do is to succeed. In other words I don’t want to hear” well we tried,  but that didn’t work”, let us hear “we are doing what needs to be done”.  What would the average Muslim do with 72 virgins? Just a thought.




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Last Sunday I woke up to watch the morning news shows. All I saw from Meet the Press to Face the Nation was about  Donald Trump being on SNL(Saturday Night Live). As a registered voter from the Bronx, I am tired of watching unwanted news. We are getting closer as a nation to making a decision on who our next President will be, and yet I don’t hear anyone of the Candidates speaking on any issues that will affect my community.

I feel that the media is only concentrating on getting ratings and we, the national public are getting the short end of the stick. We all know that the media hypocrisy  goes a long way, but they are the ones who are supposed to keep us informed. Maybe I am a little confused with this election cycle. I know that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both have been on SNL , so are they looking to get nominated for an Emmy Award or are they looking to get nominated for President of The United States?

On my last article “UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL”  I wrote that we need a person who is going to do for good for our country. We are a divided nation as it is. We need our Presidential Candidates to unite and not divide. Let our Presidential Candidates tell us their plans to unite this country. How are they going to bring back communities that have been forgotten by our elected officials?

Things at this moment are on a stand still. Our country is severely on a downfall and the rest of the world is watching us implode. From police brutality to Black Lives Matter, education and lets not forget income inequality. We as a nation don’t know where we stand. We are the laughing-stock of the world. No one is taking us seriously anymore. We can’t tend to our own home land, so how can we tend to other problems in another part of the world? The United States is ranked 115th out of 200 countries in this world in education. This should be the biggest issue in our Presidential Debates.

I could care less that Trump and Hillary are on SNL. I want to hear what they plan to do for our country. Let us be the smart nation that cares about our children’s futures. I plan to listen to all candidates and see where they stand on education and income inequality. We as a nation for far too long have ignored the huge problems that have lingered throughout our nation. We would rather be more informed on the latest iPhone than about the issues that effect our country.  It’s a shame that we as a country rank 115th in the world on education.  Is it just me or are other people bothered by this ? Does anyone cares? If so, why are people not raising their voices?  Please let me know if you feel that this is a shame that our country is rank 115th in education. Tell me what you think.



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The home of the brave, the land of the free. What a great country we live in. The more I see the news, the more surprised I get day in and day out. Last week we saw a New York City Police officer killed in the line of duty in Spanish Harlem. A few days later we saw people protesting police brutality and a huge Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino calling police officers “murderers”.

We are already a divided nation. It does not matter if you are Hispanic, Black, White, or Asian. We all stereotype one way or another. The funny thing is that it really does not matter what we do for a living. At first glance we see skin color and assumed ethnicity. We look at how they are dressed and once again we assume. Now a days we are quick to judge and come to a conclusion on everything we hear and see on the news. Even if we don’t know the full story, we automatically go with what the newscaster said.

Our country has gone in a different direction that I remember growing up in. When a police officer is killed in the line of duty protecting and serving our community we should not go out and protest police brutality. Shame on those protesters and shame on Mr. Tarantino for financing this event. Please don’t misunderstand what my point is. I know that there are a few bad police officers out in this world. Yes, there are one too many bad apples, but the reality is that the murdered police officer in Spanish Harlem was one of the good ones. Not all of the police officers are bad and most have their own families.

With a Presidential election a year away, this should be the time that people unite. People like Mr. Tarantino should try to organized for good instead of trying to cause more harm. Communication between communities and police departments should be a part of the Presidential debates. People it’s time to have our voices heard. This is the time for real change. We should not let someone like Al Sharpton  lead the low-income communities into more failure and disappointments. He has only been an embarrassment to our communities. We need to take more responsibility for our own actions. We need to open up and realize that we have a huge problem in our own communities and start to take actions to fix them.



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myThis is the reality of my world. I keep seeing too many of these poster plastered in my lobby. As a father of two daughter’s I FEAR their safety at all times. I feel we are hostages in our own surroundings. This poster states that a “SEVEN YEAR OLD GIRL WAS SHOT IN THE LEG WHILE WALKING WITH HER FATHER” 

This is my reality. A seven-year old girl is shot in the leg while walking with her dad and there is no outrage from the community. This is why I have an issue with the Black Lives Matter movement. I do understand that they are a civil rights group, but the reality is that our civil rights will always be violated as long as we in the low-income communities keep giving the rest of the world the ammunition they need to keep ourselves down.

Black Lives Matter has national media attention and is meeting with Presidential candidates and this gives them credibility. They are the new voice and face of the progressive inner cities. In order to fix our civil rights violations they must integrate the low-income communities and realize the huge problems we have within. Is the Black Lives Matters afraid to come into our communities?  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t just fight for middle class civil rights, he fought for all of our civil rights. He got his hands dirty and he travelled to all the ghettos of America not just to gain support, but also to educate the poor.

We live in a community of opportunistic and ignorant people. In one hand, today we protest and march on police brutality as friends, and in the other hand we fight and kill each other as enemies. As a hard-working father and husband I’m considered to be an outcast in my own community.  People have a hard time realizing that life is hard and if anyone ever told you otherwise they lied. 

In my community people live as If you are either the hunter or the hunted. Only the strong survive. Being tough and hard only gets you so far in life. People tend to forget that education is the key to success. Knowledge will go a long way and no one can take that from you. Living a thug life is only a myth.

People in low-income communities must learn to take responsibility for their own actions. We must remember that for every action there is a reaction. We must remember that your actions are not only affecting you but they are affecting many other people including your own family. We tend to go on in life with the motto “It’s not important until it happens to me”. That’s when there is a problem. Why should we wait for something to happen? We all know who are the bad apples in our neighborhoods. Are we afraid to make our communities safer for our children?

We are living in a society where people are the ones who make things worse. People in my community like to blame the system but we all know that the system does not make the person, the person makes the system. In other words people complicate things. We have become victims of our own surroundings. We forget that we have the power to change, we can only change one person at a time, and that’s you. 




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This has been a slow week for our Presidential Campaigns. The only thing I keep hearing about is Hillary Clinton’s emails, and  its starting to sound like a broken record now, and  the possibility of one candidate being a “communist”, and of course that came out of Donald Trump’s mouth. 

Donald Trump also came out this week and said he could have prevented the 9/11 attacks. Anyone who is going to use this day to gain more voters should be ashamed of themselves.  I understand that some people will say or do anything to get what they want and for Mr. Trump and his standards, I didn’t expect him to stoop so low.

We have so many issues in our Country at the moment that need immediate solutions and all he could think about is stopping something that already happened. Maybe our candidates really should look around this wonderful country of ours. We have a high rate of kids dropping out of school because the educational system in low-income communities is under staffed and under funded. There are way too many homeless, and way too many people losing their homes due to foreclosures. We don’t have enough programs in low-income communities to help our kids advancement in technologies.

The more I look around, the more things I see that our Presidential Candidates should really be addressing. We the people for the people, are tired of all the Washington DC propaganda. It is time for our politicians to remember that they are supposed to work for us and its time for the people  to rise up and vote for the proper candidate. Our national debt is way too high and our taxes are out of this world. We are tired of being lied to. 

We need real bipartisan ship to make things work. Before we can unite our country, politicians need to lead by example. In this election cycle we have the power to vote for the right candidate. The one who is not in this for self gain but who is going to think about our children’s future. I have not made up my mind who I am going to vote for, but I am listening to all candidates. I am not leaning one way or the other. Please people pay attention. This is our future, our children’s future. Do not get fooled by people telling you that your vote does not count. People who fear change and people who are satisfied with their surroundings usually are the ones who discourage you from voting.



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Hillary Clinton sat down with Black Lives Matter Activists to discuss the policies of Criminal Justice in the African-American community on Friday. I have to confess that I really do not understand what the movement is all about.

When I first heard of them, they said they wanted to let people know on how police departments treat minorities in the low-income communities. Then I saw them interrupting Bernie Sanders in one of his rallies, and by the way with two very disrespectful girls hijacking the microphone. On another occasion I saw the group marching down a street chanting “PIG’S IN A BLANKET FRY THEM LIKE BACON” speaking about police officers.

I think that any group that wants to fight for Justice and Equality in the low-income communities should start at the root of the problem. I think its great that this movement is getting national attention but I feel they are going about it in all the wrong ways.   

In the last month there have been at least two shootings, with one of them being a black male shot in the head. In another incident a black male got his face sliced by another black male in my neighbor hood in the South Bronx. I have not seen or heard anyone from the Black Lives Matter movement come to protest any of this violence.

If Black Lives matter so much, why are they not in our neck of the woods? We have great people in our community who keep their noses clean, work hard, and do what they need to do to maintain their homes. Yes we also have the entitled people or what I like to call “the give me  people”.  Not all of us are looking for a hand out. We are just looking for peace of mind where we feel safe and secure.

My life matters as much as anyone else’s. As a male Hispanic from the South Bronx my life is just as valuable as the person standing next to me. The person might be white, black, yellow or green. Bullets do not discriminate what color you are. No child should die for riding their bike. When bullets fly and there’s no place to hide, the soul of a child is lost in the sky.  A hard-working man walks towards the train, to have a bullet enter his brain. These are the realities of our world in the South Bronx. I have not seen or heard from the Black Lives Matter movement but I do know my life really matters.

We must first start at the root of the problem. We need to start by admitting and realizing that we have a huge black on black crime problem in our communities. Before we go to the deep end of America to protest police brutality let us protect our children from dying on our streets. Let us unite and be organized.



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