This has been a slow week for our Presidential Campaigns. The only thing I keep hearing about is Hillary Clinton’s emails, and  its starting to sound like a broken record now, and  the possibility of one candidate being a “communist”, and of course that came out of Donald Trump’s mouth. 

Donald Trump also came out this week and said he could have prevented the 9/11 attacks. Anyone who is going to use this day to gain more voters should be ashamed of themselves.  I understand that some people will say or do anything to get what they want and for Mr. Trump and his standards, I didn’t expect him to stoop so low.

We have so many issues in our Country at the moment that need immediate solutions and all he could think about is stopping something that already happened. Maybe our candidates really should look around this wonderful country of ours. We have a high rate of kids dropping out of school because the educational system in low-income communities is under staffed and under funded. There are way too many homeless, and way too many people losing their homes due to foreclosures. We don’t have enough programs in low-income communities to help our kids advancement in technologies.

The more I look around, the more things I see that our Presidential Candidates should really be addressing. We the people for the people, are tired of all the Washington DC propaganda. It is time for our politicians to remember that they are supposed to work for us and its time for the people  to rise up and vote for the proper candidate. Our national debt is way too high and our taxes are out of this world. We are tired of being lied to. 

We need real bipartisan ship to make things work. Before we can unite our country, politicians need to lead by example. In this election cycle we have the power to vote for the right candidate. The one who is not in this for self gain but who is going to think about our children’s future. I have not made up my mind who I am going to vote for, but I am listening to all candidates. I am not leaning one way or the other. Please people pay attention. This is our future, our children’s future. Do not get fooled by people telling you that your vote does not count. People who fear change and people who are satisfied with their surroundings usually are the ones who discourage you from voting.



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Hillary Clinton sat down with Black Lives Matter Activists to discuss the policies of Criminal Justice in the African-American community on Friday. I have to confess that I really do not understand what the movement is all about.

When I first heard of them, they said they wanted to let people know on how police departments treat minorities in the low-income communities. Then I saw them interrupting Bernie Sanders in one of his rallies, and by the way with two very disrespectful girls hijacking the microphone. On another occasion I saw the group marching down a street chanting “PIG’S IN A BLANKET FRY THEM LIKE BACON” speaking about police officers.

I think that any group that wants to fight for Justice and Equality in the low-income communities should start at the root of the problem. I think its great that this movement is getting national attention but I feel they are going about it in all the wrong ways.   

In the last month there have been at least two shootings, with one of them being a black male shot in the head. In another incident a black male got his face sliced by another black male in my neighbor hood in the South Bronx. I have not seen or heard anyone from the Black Lives Matter movement come to protest any of this violence.

If Black Lives matter so much, why are they not in our neck of the woods? We have great people in our community who keep their noses clean, work hard, and do what they need to do to maintain their homes. Yes we also have the entitled people or what I like to call “the give me  people”.  Not all of us are looking for a hand out. We are just looking for peace of mind where we feel safe and secure.

My life matters as much as anyone else’s. As a male Hispanic from the South Bronx my life is just as valuable as the person standing next to me. The person might be white, black, yellow or green. Bullets do not discriminate what color you are. No child should die for riding their bike. When bullets fly and there’s no place to hide, the soul of a child is lost in the sky.  A hard-working man walks towards the train, to have a bullet enter his brain. These are the realities of our world in the South Bronx. I have not seen or heard from the Black Lives Matter movement but I do know my life really matters.

We must first start at the root of the problem. We need to start by admitting and realizing that we have a huge black on black crime problem in our communities. Before we go to the deep end of America to protest police brutality let us protect our children from dying on our streets. Let us unite and be organized.



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Another crazy week in the United States. We see another mass shooting in Oregon that left nine people dead. I don’t understand the news media and some elected officials on how can they just look at this as another mental health issue. People are already arguing not to mess with our Second Amendment.

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “A WELL REGULATED MILITIA, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Can someone please tell me what militia do we have now? Why are people so opposed to more efficient background checks on people? Why should mental health issues not be a part of rejecting a gun license to someone? And last but not least why is Rudy Giuliani saying that gun control would not reduce crimes? Is he not seeing the same things we are? Mass shootings are happening more often.  This is not and should not be just a normal thing that happens in our country. Yet Giuliani is all for the Stop and Frisk of minorities in NYC.

As a minority in NYC myself, why should my Fourth amendment right be violated, and why should someone from Oregon with mental health issues be granted a gun license? Just because I fit the description of  90 percent of the dark-skinned Hispanic in NYC. That should not give police officers the right to detained and search me without my consent.

The Fourth Amendment (Amendment IV) to the United States Constitution is the part of the Bill of Rights that prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures and requires any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause.

No matter on what side you stand, we all must realize that we have a huge problem in our country. Living in the South Bronx we deal with black on black crimes all the time. The reality is that when you look at all the killing in my neck of the woods, they are all being committed by people with mental health issues. They all have mental health issues and it does not matter if you’re in the Bronx or in Oregon. In one of my previous articles named “GOVERNMENT FAILURE” I wrote on how the government blames the insurance company and the insurance company blames our government. It’s time to stop playing games with our lives. It Is time to do more and get more serious about our gun control laws. I have two daughters and I fear for their safety when they leave the house. How many more people have to die?


– Lucero Alcaraz, 19

— Treven Taylor Anspach, 20

— Rebecka Ann Carnes, 18

— Quinn Glen Cooper, 18

— Kim Saltmarsh Dietz, 59

— Lucas Eibel, 18

— Jason Dale Johnson, 34

— Lawrence Levine, 67 (teacher)

— Sarena Dawn Moore, 44

Let’s have Rudy Giuliani speak face to face with the families of the nine people killed in Oregon and tell them that having stricter gun control laws would not have  affected their loved one’s out come. Let’s have him tell them that this happened because of mental health issues and there is nothing we could do to fix this. I think the only thing people are asking for is adding a simple question on a gun permit application. “Have you ever been diagnosed with any mental illness?” 

My advice to all politicians is that we should consider better background check on all American’s. If you have ever been diagnosed with any mental problem you should not be granted a gun license, let’s legislate, that if you are caught with an illegal gun in your possession you should served a minimum of 15 years in prison.  Whether is your First offense or not.  



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Dr. Ben Carson on the last debate was the only Presidential candidate to say “I stress the pediatric part of my career because the reason that I’ve gotten involved in this race is because I’m very concerned about the future of our children.” I believe that our children are our future and in this election cycle I feel that it’s not about what our next President is going to do for me but as what he/she is going to do for our children’s futures.

As I look at my own daughters, who have been back to school for 3 weeks and  have had more days off than they had school days, I understand that because of scheduled holidays they need to have school closed.  The future of my girls depends on the best education we are able to provide for them. I feel my girls are in a crucial part in their lives when it comes to education and this is a crossing point for them, My oldest is in high school and my youngest is in Jr. high school. Having so many days off in a 3 week period to me only slows them down and takes them out of rhythm. 

I wonder if Education is on any of the Presidential candidates minds While we know that Dr. Ben Carson said that he is worried about our children’s futures, he did not elaborate on what worries him. I know that some schools in NYC are over crowded and are not staffed the way they would like, at times you have too many kids in one classroom and teachers try the best they can with our children. I also have to extend the blame to a lot of the parents who do not keep track of what their kids are learning or doing in school. Some parents do not even know that there are 35 students in their child’s classroom. I know it’s not easy for single mom’s or single dad’s to do this but the reality is that we all must make that sacrifice and take a few minutes each day an investigate what our kids are learning and doing in school.

My wife and I have always kept an open dialogue with our daughters when it comes to school. When we didn’t understand what type of homework they had, we just simply googled it. If that didn’t give us the answer we would go straight to the teacher and ask, when parents pick up their kids in school or at the after school program there is always a teacher or someone there who might help you. Learn not to be embarrassed and ask. Leave your ego at the door. My mother always used to tell me, that we learn something new every day. 

The decisions we make in this and  future election cycles are going to affect our children. It’s not about what they are going to do for us it’s about what they are going to do for our younger generations. We are either going to get them into a bigger deficit or balance things out for them. No matter how you vote, please try not to choose the person who is going to tell you how they are going to fill your pockets with gold, but vote for the person who has a legitimate plan for the future.



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On January 20th 1969 Richard Nixon took office as our 37th President of The United States. As amazing as that sounds that year would prove to be more amazing than ever just ask The New York Metropolitans.


Amazin’: Remembering the Miracle Mets

The ’69 “Amazin’ Mets” of Seaver, Clendennon, Koosman, Kranepool, Jones, Agee, Grote and the rest are part of pop-culture lore as surely as Electric Ladyland and the police riots at the Democratic convention in Chicago in 1968 — not because they were the most dominant team of the age, but precisely because they weren’t. They were the Bad News Bears of the majors . . . except that, in the Mets’ case, they actually won it all in the end.

In 2015 we are embarking in our own amazing Presidential race. We have Trump, Bush, Hillary, and Sanders which one of these people will win in 2016? God only knows who but I have to say when it comes to baseball we have our own amazing story with our 2015 New York Mets with Harvey, Cespedes, Granderson, Duda, and Wright.

If history repeats itself, then this is one for the record books. With all the injuries the 2015 Mets had to endure and still be in 1st place with just a few games left in the regular season I think I could say there is something amazing about this team. Once again this is a team that defies the odds and  as of late they seem like they can’t lose a game even if they try just ask the Atlanta Braves.

This is not a Franchise that spends a lot of money to buy players like our other New York Teams. This is more of a home-grown base team where their players move up the ranks and through their farm system. The Stadium is built more as a family venue than a corporate venue. The tickets are cheaper and to be honest it allows low-income families to enjoy a great day at the park. The Food is also out of this world in Citi field.

My concern about the Presidential race is that if someone like Trump gets into the White House we might not be able to see players like Bartolo Colon, Wilmer Flores, Yoenis Cespedes or any other Central or Southern America players. He might just deem them as illegals and might just deport them out of the Country.  The one good thing I see so far from Mr. Trump is that he is making this election cycle pretty interesting, he is bringing in people who would never be interested in politics. He is making politics fun and he is really getting voters registration up. No matter how you might feel about him you have to give him credit for being so outspoken and saying things other politician won’t  say. 

Just like Mr. Trump there is a nice buzz going around NYC with the Mets this year. I see and hear die-hard NY Yankees fans speaking about the Mets more than their own team. They speak about Wilmer Flores (NY METS) On his dedication and heart-felt crying for not being traded. They speak about Bartolo Colon being a 42 year old player with one of the best records in the major leagues this year as a starting pitcher. They also speak on the Mets acquiring Yoenis Cespedes the new “New York City Home run King”.

Like Donald Trump the 2015 New York Mets team has the We don’t quit attitude just like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders The New York Mets are in it to win it. Many have doubted them and plenty have dismissed them but do not sleep on the New York Mets as they are getting the support of all Americans. Like in 1969 no one expected the Mets to win the World Series and many believe that the 2015 Mets wont win it neither but I guess time will tell just like soon we will find out who will be our next President. 



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On September 11 2001 The World Changed forever. We all remember what we where doing on this faithful day. It’s hard to look at the NYC skyline and not see the Twin Towers. We Will Never Forget.

We all heard the stories of our brave NYC Fire fighters and the brave NYC  Police officers but I would like to talk to you about a friend of our family that was lost on that day.

Jose Ramon Castro was 37 years old awaiting on the arrival of his 1st born when the attacks happened.  A loving husband of 9 years and a great friend to anyone that ever spoke to him. I met Ray in the summer of 98, I just started dating my wife at this time and he was like a big brother to her. I remember 10 minutes into meeting him he made me feel as we where friends for many years. He was one of those people who loved to laugh and joke you could not be in a quiet room with him without him saying one of his jokes or him trying to make you laugh one way or another.

Not only did he work at the Twin Towers he was also a DJ and went by the name of DJ RAY. He loved music and he use to love to ride his bikes. As young as he was he had an old school Puerto Rican soul with strong Family values. He was living the American dream.

I could guarantee that Ray had never heard of Osama Bin Laden and to be honest I don’t think many of us did neither. I could also guarantee that what ever prompted this attack Jose Ramon Castro was not the cause of it. I feel that living the American dream comes with a hefty price. The freedom and liberty that we have are being taken for granted by many people in this country and it is being used against us by our enemies.

I would like to remind our Presidential Candidates that as important that the Middle East is it just as important to protect our borders. I would also like to once again remind them that we still have to tend to our own problems within our country. We need help with unemployment, with the economy, and our health care programs.

The most important one is military families on welfare. The biggest hypocrisy is that we want people to look at our armed forces as the police of this world but yet they get treated as second class citizens as they don’t get paid enough to support their families.

Lets never forget that 14 years ago we were attacked for only being American’s. My friend Jose Ramon Castro died for trying to provide for his family and doing the right thing. As a Bronx resident he was not just a statistic he was trying to overcome his surroundings.  If you ever come to NYC please stop by the 9/11 memorial and pay your respect, it’s a beautiful place lets never forget.

story2    story1



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As I look at my surroundings and I think of the way life use to be I just keep getting amazed on how people just lost their own self-respect and think that it is ok to continue this way.

When did we in this society decided that its ok to call a woman a bitch instead of calling her a Queen. My mother, may she rest in peace was my true hero in life. Growing up there was no way anyone could speak bad about anyone’s mom without getting punched in the face. No one dared to even try to play with that. Today people call themselves bitch and I don’t get it, why would you lose your self-respect to maintain some sort of status.

Living in the South Bronx makes you open your eyes to a lot of different things. As a Hispanic married man father of 2 daughters I still get surprised on the things I see and hear. My mother told me to treat others the same way I  would like to be treated.

People in The South Bronx tend to forget that a lot is said on just the way we dress. If you have your pants dragging down below your waist people are not really going to take you serious and in fact they might just think that you just got out of jail. Since we all know the trend started in jail. If you’re a female and dress in a matter that you leave nothing to the imagination people might just look at you as an easy woman. Now don’t get me wrong its ok to dress sexy but if you’re wearing shorts that are 3 time smaller than your size maybe people wont take you to be a serious person.

I feel we are losing too many of our kids to gun violence, drugs and alcohol because of the fact that they are trying to emulate the things they see on TV and what rappers now a day are saying in their lyrics. We are living in dangerous times. There is too much hate all around us and people in The South Bronx are making things easy for people to judge us in the wrong light. We are killing our self for no reason at all. We let false pretense dictate our daily life. Money is not always the solution and some people might just say that money may just be the root of all evil in our neck of the hood. 

I say that it is time for our legislatures and our politicians including our Presidential Candidates to lobby for stronger gun control laws. I say that if you get caught with an illegal gun that you should have to do no less than 10 years in jail. I see more innocent people getting killed by someone who fires a gun than any thing else. Why should a family have to bury their love ones because someone had a problem with someone else. This seems to be a real issue in our neighborhood. I am tired of seeing flowers and candles in front of my building because of people’s false pretense of something that it’s real. It’s time to wake up America. I know I am not the only one who feels this way and I know we can do much more than we are doing. It’s not always about black or white. Let us tend to our self in our own neighborhoods and stop the killings of our friends and family.




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What a week!!! Bernie Sanders Interrupted at Seattle Rally by Black Lives Matter Protesters. People Please Watch This Vid

Look I get it people are tired and fed up with the inequality and the injustice in this Country but people this is not the way to get your point across. If you want your voices to be heard this is not the way you go about it. The total lack of disrespect shown by these two girls is outrageous.

For each time I feel we have a leg to stand on there is always someone who has to bring us 10 steps back. Black Lives Matters is a great movement that brings specific light into all the injustice and inequality we have to endure being born Black or Hispanic in the low-income of America. As much as I could say that I know that their intentions where good and I could tell that they are passionate on the movement but their actions brought us back to square one. Let us not forget that this event was for a man running for President and we as a community did not give him the respect we would want for our self. In the eyes of the rest of America we look loud, rude, and obnoxious some might even say we antagonized the events organizer. We need a way to unite our own community first before we try to unite this country.

This Brings me to this The 1 year anniversary of the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson MO.

ST. LOUIS, MO - AUGUST 09: In this handout provided by the St. Louis County Police Department, video surveillance taken from Solo Insurance Services, appears to show Tyrone Harris Jr. grab a handgun out of his waistband once shots are fired during the protest in the W. Florissant corridor, prior to the officer involved shooting on August 9, 2015 in St. Louis, Missouri. Tyrone Harris Jr., was shot and wounded by detectives during protests one year after the death of Michael Brown (Photo by St. Louis County Police Department via Getty Images)

Police Release Video Showing Moments Before Ferguson Shooting on Michael Brown Anniversary


  So we can’t even celebrate a peaceful anniversary of our fallen brother without someone shooting at the cops. I don’t think America needs any more excuses to fear the low-income communities. 

When Dr. Martin Luther King jr. gave his famous I have A Dream Speech in Washington D.C. if you looked at the crowd you didn’t see people wearing mask to hide their face or their pants hanging down or shooting at police. When The massacre in Selma Alabama on that Bloody Sunday when people marched and were beaten by police officers you didn’t see people running around with mask and bandanas covering their face or throwing up gang signs like you see in Ferguson MO. People use to march with pride and with class, they dressed up with their Sunday best and to be honest they gave us the results that we get to enjoy today.  This was supposed to be a peaceful march and a way to remember the death of Michael Brown. We need to unite as a community and as one strong voice. How can we get respect from the rest of Americans when we can even give respect to our fallen brothers murdered by police.  As you have this group called the OATH KEEPERS walking around Ferguson Armed from top to bottom like if they where in the Middle East.

My final thought is that I know that people talk about terrorist as if their all coming from the Middle East but to be honest I feel we are being terrorized in our own community. As a parent I will say it again I worry about my girl’s safety every time they leave the apartment. Before going National how about let’s start uniting local communities. I know it is easier said then done but we have to start one person at a time. Don’t let the media or interest group fool you, make your own decisions and start making the change your self.     





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As we look at this week, I think it’s time we ask our Presidential Candidates “HOW CAN WE FIX OUR MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES?”

From our local legislators to the tip of the top of Congress. our government is letting us down. How is it possible that we have so many crimes being committed by people who have mental health issues and we just let it be as just another thing?

We all know and it’s not a big secret that our government does not know how to spend our money. It seems to me that our government is not funding our mental facilities the way they are supposed too. It seems like these facilities are just sending people home with the promise that they will take their medication and ask them to seek help in the private sector. As we can see this isn’t really working right!!!


Gunman had mental health problems, bitter family disputes.

John Russell Houser, 59, was one of about two dozen people who bought a ticket to an evening showing of “Trainwreck” at a multi­plex in Lafayette, officials said. About 20 minutes into the movie, he stood up and began firing a semiautomatic handgun “methodically,” authorities said, killing two and injuring nine before turning the gun on himself.

Living in the South Bronx we get to see our share of people living with some kind of mental illness. People who walk the streets talking to themselves and screaming from the top of their lungs. Some might even want to get physical; the cops come and they call Ems. A few days later you see this person walking the street like nothing ever happened. I call this a walking time bomb.

Amy Schumer Joins Her Cousin Sen. Chuck Schumer To Call For Stronger Gun Laws, Mental Health Funding

I am a strong believer of our second amendment but the question is How can someone who has some kind of mental illness legally buy a  gun? Also living in the South Bronx my next question is Why is ok for zoning laws in the inner cities to license  3 liquor stores within a 5 block radius and 1 of them on the same block of a church? Funny thing is that there is always a check cashing place also right next to the liquor stores. I feel our local legislators are letting us down by allowing this to happened. Knowing that in the South Bronx there is a high crime rate and lets not forget our share of mental illness issues walking the streets.

Mental illness has become our taboo of our century. Something that people do not want to talk about but I believe it’s time to bring it out of the closet and speak on the reality that people should not be ashamed to talk about it.  This is something that affects every single one of us. What kind of Country are we becoming when we can’t even let our kids go to a movie theater. When you have Congress blaming the insurance company and the insurance company blaming Congress and we are stuck in the middle. How many more people have to die for our government to realized that there is a huge problem? 




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An open question to all Presidential Candidates, CAN YOU HELP US IN OUR COMMUNITY?

Last week this group called Save Our Streets (S.O.S.) left a bunch of these flyers in our building lobby and of course I had to write about this. We are losing our kids to gun violence here in the South Bronx. I don’t know anything about this group but I think I want to look more into this organization.  

Being the parent of a 15-year-old and 12-year-old girls I worry day in and day out about their safety. We love our neighborhood  and we have a lot of pride in our community. It’s good to see that other people feel the same way.


Police: 14-year-old shot, injured in Morrisania

Police say a 14-year-old boy was shot Friday afternoon in Morrisania.The shooting occurred at around 1 p.m. in the middle of the 900­-block of Simpson Street. Police say the male suspect pulled out a gun, shot the teen in the left arm and ran off.

I can’t seem to understand why do we keep doing this to one another in our own neighborhoods. I am not one to rant and rave about conspiracy theories but this is like we are our own terrorist and the government is just letting us kill ourselves. Like this was a part of a Population Reduction plan.

I hear people say they want the police officers to respect them but yet we can’t even respect each other. People fight for just looking at someone. Grandparents, mothers, fathers cursing in front of children like if that’s ok. Maybe it’s because my parents taught me manners or maybe because I don’t think that it is proper for anyone to curse in front of children.

At times my girls ask if they could go down and ride their bikes and to be honest I feel like my heart is on my throat like if I can’t breathe. I know tragedies, bullets and mistakes do not discriminate I am a true believer that  All Lives Matter. Do not get fooled by the media or any interest groups, All Lives Matter. Before you complain about getting respect, and inequality, and racism you must look at your self, first look at your neighbor, and look at your surroundings, are you part of the problem or are you part of the solution.

People in my community have a tendency to demand respect but have no regards for the people around them. Smoking weed, drinking Henny, or smoking in front of kids is not cool. Fighting cause you feel someone looked at you the wrong way is not an excuse. Do not become a statistic Do not fall into the Population Reduction Plan. Lets stop killing one another and lets start respecting each other.  At the end of the day the only casualties of this war is our kids. Let them grow up. Give them a real future. Give them a chance.  



EMAIL http://www.sossouthbronx.org