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Sessions says he supports new legislation to strengthen DEA enforcement

The Washington Post

This week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced new steps in the Trump Administration’s fight against the opioid epidemic. “Today we are facing the deadliest drug crisis in American history,” said the Attorney General. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) will allocate $12 million in grants to local law enforcement officials and establish a new field division in Louisville to fight regional trafficking. .


Trump deregulation already saves $378 million, billions next year

Washington Examiner

Even before the Administration’s anti-regulation push comes into full force next year, the President has saved taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars from streamlining and other reforms thus far. “Simply cutting red tape and putting Obama-era regulations on hold have already saved $378 million since President Trump took office,” reports Paul Bedard, citing an American Action Forum report. “That savings is expected to jump into the billions next year when the administration’s anti-regulation campaign hits full stride.”


Abortion rate In U.S. reaches new low

The Washington Times

The abortion rate in America has fallen 22 percent since 2005, reaching a new historic low, according to data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last week.


GOP tax reform will be a boon to African-American job creators

Washington Examiner

Diante Johnson, president of the Black Conservative Foundation, writes that historic tax cuts are especially welcome news for the African-American entrepreneurial community. “African-Americans were better off in 2000 than they were just last year, according to the latest Census data,” Johnson writes, citing dropping median incomes, stagnant wages, and “alarmingly high” unemployment. Minority entrepreneurs own 29 percent of U.S. businesses, and lower taxes will allow them to expand opportunity in their communities significantly.


Trump ratchets up pressure on China with rare trade action


The President launched a pair of investigations this week aimed at thwarting Chinese aluminum dumping in the United States. This action could result in steep duties being imposed on aluminum sheet imports valued at upwards of $600 million. President Trump “made a promise to . . . be more enforcement-minded than our predecessors,” Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross said. “We intend to make good on that promise.”


People are noticing something very different about the Trump’s Christmas card vs. Obama’s

The Daily Caller

Presidents each put a personal touch on how the White House celebrates the Christmas season. One small but important change Americans may notice this year: The Obama family’s holiday card last year made zero references to “Christmas.” The new First Family decided “Merry Christmas” should make a comeback.


More U.S. shoppers than expected kick off holiday spending season


“More than 174 million U.S. shoppers made purchases over Thanksgiving weekend and Cyber Monday,” reports Richa Naidu, beating expectations and “signaling a strong start to the holiday quarter.”


TSA wait times under control during record-breaking Thanksgiving travel week

The Hill

The Transportation Security Administration screened more than 21.6 million people last week – its busiest Thanksgiving week ever. Despite the crowds, about 98 percent of passengers waited less than 20 minutes in line at security checkpoints.


Sec. Of Agriculture Sonny Perdue: GOP reforms ease burden on truckers and farmers, eliminate ‘distasteful’ death tax


Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue says in an interview that the Republican tax cut plan will be especially beneficial for the transportation industry. “Many of these are small businesses, some mom-and-pop team [truck] drivers across the country,” he said.


Harsanyi: This is why we can’t trust factcheckers, part infinity

The Federalist

During a speech last week, Vice President Mike Pence made an innocuous comment that was obviously true. The Washington Post’s fact-checking team agreed it was true. But that didn’t stop them from awarding his claim a “three Pinnochios” condemnation.



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