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Letter From (THE REAL) Megan Leavey



From Megan Leavey (Rex Leavey):
To my Dear Friends, Family, Members of the Military, and Fellow Veterans,
As some of you already know, a movie based on the true story of my life experience as a Marine serving in Iraq with my Military Working Dog, Rex, will soon arrive in theaters across the country.


This movie has been a long five years in-the-making, but the time has finally come for “Megan Leavey” which is, “… based on the true story of a Marine’s Best Friend” to be released nation-wide. I am writing to you all in hopes that you will take time from your busy schedules to go and see our movie. I hope that you leave the movie entertained, but it is also my hope that this project will raise awareness about Military Working Dogs who have sacrificed their health, and in some cases, their lives, in service to our great nation.

Once a Marine, always a Marine – and as I have moved on from the Marine Corps into the next chapter of my life in the civilian world, I can’t help but reflect upon my time in combat as well as the time spent recovering from injuries sustained in Iraq. I know that many of you have suffered greatly as a result of your injuries too, both physically and mentally. Most importantly, we will never forget those who did not make it home. It would be my greatest honor to share my story in hopes that it will resonate with you in a very special way.


I am so thankful to have had this opportunity to watch my story come to life as a motion picture, and I will never take it for granted that I lived to tell the tale.
With gratitude,



My Name is Joseph Garrido
I am just doing the best I can in life.
I am a writer from the Bronx, New York. I am a married man with two daughters. I write on Social living and Sports. If you know me, you know I love Baseball I only write my opinions that I see and hear from my neck of the woods. I feel people should try to inform themselves as much as they can. My job on this Blog is to give you all the information you might need to know about any cool upcoming MINT PROS EVENTS. I will always write from my heart and from what I am living. I am always looking to make myself better and reach higher goals in life. I have all my faith in God and I know that with God all things are possible. Please feel free to subscribe to my Blog. I write a new article every week and it is post it on Saturday by 9am. I offer a different perspective than anyone else. I guarantee it. FOLLOW BUTTON ON RIGHT CORNER -------------------------------->

15 thoughts on “Letter From (THE REAL) Megan Leavey Leave a comment

  1. I teach kinder and would LOVE to read a picture book of your story to my kids. I read nubs a mutt a marine and a miracle and they love it. Your story would go perfectly!!! Please???? Thanks!!!

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  2. I admire and respect your dedication to such a noble breed..
    I have had a shepherd by my side everyday of my life since I was 3 days old and my mom got me my first best friend.
    I’ve been through 6 now and am looking for what will most likely be my last, I’m 53 now…..

    Thank you so much..

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  3. Just watched your story,and I thank you and Rex for your service.watched the movie with my spouse,and our two German Shepard’s. Would like to know where I can send donations to help combat dogs,and their handlers.

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  4. My husband and I watched the movie this weekend not knowing the plot in advance. What an amazing sorry! Thank you and Rex for your service to our country. Let those who experience freedom everyday gain greater knowledge that freedom is not always free. You are an amazing woman!

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  5. As an ex soldier in the British Army this is one of the most moving stories I’ve seen for a long time and its a well thought out story that couldn’t have been better compiled – god bless all that have served there country Semper Fi…………

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  6. My name is Julian . I am a Viet Nam vet, I was there 68-69. I was a Dog Handler in the 40th Scout Dog Plt. 4th Division Army. and My dog was REX also. He was 125lbs and with a temperament as your REX. Your story is so true after all these years later. I was not fortunate to bring my dog home. But I would have because he was as close to me as my fellow Scout dog handlers are to me now. There is so much more I would like to share with you.

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  7. Just wanted you to know I shared your movie with my RDPgroup as a life story and shared with my husband and grandson tonight! I am so glad you found your worth in life! Be movie I’ve seen. Awesome!!My oldest son did Two tours in Iraqi Semper Fi!

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  8. Megan ,I just want to say Thank You from the bottom of my ❤ for your service and for fighting for Rex.
    I truly wish that I could shake your hand and hug you. I watch your movie yesterday and I could do and did was cry. My military personnel mean the World to me! I pray that God will always watch over you and your family and protect you from all hurt harm and danger . Thank you for going to tbat God awful Iraq and Afghanistan so that my family and I could be free to live,laugh,cry,get educated to become what ever we want because we are free in the United States and live in a Demarcated State.
    Thank you for your sacrifice my friend


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