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Yankees Universe Fund

What is the New York Yankees Universe Fund?

The New York Yankees and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center have joined together to support the Center’s programs in pediatric patient care, research, and education by creating the New York Yankees Universe fund. Proceeds for the fund are generated by donations and the sale of Yankees Universe t-shirts, which can be purchased here.

Where Does the Money Go?

All net proceeds from the sale of new Yankees Universe T-shirts will be donated to the Department of Pediatrics at Memorial Sloan Kettering. The proceeds will go to support pediatric cancer research and care, helping to contribute to advances in the treatment of children with cancer.


About the Partnership

Memorial Sloan-Kettering treats more children with cancer than any other institution in the country, in the process setting a world-wide standard of care through the combination of pioneering research and life-saving treatments. The New York Yankees are the unrivaled world champions of baseball — personifying tenacity, passion, and an unparalleled drive for excellence. Together, Memorial Sloan Kettering and the Yankees are an unbeatable combination, offering new promise to children with cancer.

Give to the New York Yankees Universe Fund

The joint partnership of these two world-renowned institutions will positively affect the treatment of children around the world. Buy a shirt today or make a donation online or by mail to help make a world of difference for kids with cancer. To purchase a shirt, visit the Web site.

To contribute directly to the Yankees Universe fund:

Make a gift online to Yankees Universe fund. You will be given the opportunity to make your gift in honor of someone.

You may also make a gift by mail.

For information about purchasing Yankees Universe t-shirts, visit the Web site.

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