This is the reality of my world. I keep seeing too many of these poster plastered in my lobby. As a father of two daughter’s I FEAR their safety at all times. I feel we are hostages in our own surroundings. This poster states that a “SEVEN YEAR OLD GIRL WAS SHOT IN THE LEG WHILE WALKING WITH HER FATHER” 

This is my reality. A seven-year old girl is shot in the leg while walking with her dad and there is no outrage from the community. This is why I have an issue with the Black Lives Matter movement. I do understand that they are a civil rights group, but the reality is that our civil rights will always be violated as long as we in the low-income communities keep giving the rest of the world the ammunition they need to keep ourselves down.

Black Lives Matter has national media attention and is meeting with Presidential candidates and this gives them credibility. They are the new voice and face of the progressive inner cities. In order to fix our civil rights violations they must integrate the low-income communities and realize the huge problems we have within. Is the Black Lives Matters afraid to come into our communities?  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t just fight for middle class civil rights, he fought for all of our civil rights. He got his hands dirty and he travelled to all the ghettos of America not just to gain support, but also to educate the poor.

We live in a community of opportunistic and ignorant people. In one hand, today we protest and march on police brutality as friends, and in the other hand we fight and kill each other as enemies. As a hard-working father and husband I’m considered to be an outcast in my own community.  People have a hard time realizing that life is hard and if anyone ever told you otherwise they lied. 

In my community people live as If you are either the hunter or the hunted. Only the strong survive. Being tough and hard only gets you so far in life. People tend to forget that education is the key to success. Knowledge will go a long way and no one can take that from you. Living a thug life is only a myth.

People in low-income communities must learn to take responsibility for their own actions. We must remember that for every action there is a reaction. We must remember that your actions are not only affecting you but they are affecting many other people including your own family. We tend to go on in life with the motto “It’s not important until it happens to me”. That’s when there is a problem. Why should we wait for something to happen? We all know who are the bad apples in our neighborhoods. Are we afraid to make our communities safer for our children?

We are living in a society where people are the ones who make things worse. People in my community like to blame the system but we all know that the system does not make the person, the person makes the system. In other words people complicate things. We have become victims of our own surroundings. We forget that we have the power to change, we can only change one person at a time, and that’s you.


My Name is Joseph Garrido WE ARE THE MIGHTY FAMILY I am just doing the best I can in life. I am a writer from the Bronx, New York. I am a married man with two daughters. I write on Social living and Sports. If you know me, you know I love Baseball. My Wife has Peritoneal Mesothelioma Its a rare Cancer Caused By Asbestos. We have been in this battle for 3 years. I would do whatever it takes to find a cure. Please Keep in mind that this could happened to anyone. Help Me Find A CURE. FOLLOW BUTTON ON RIGHT CORNER -------------------------------->

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