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As we come off a week celebrating Independence in our Country, I see people more confused about who to vote for in our upcoming elections. I understand that some people feel as if we are about to choose the lesser of two evils. I have come to the understanding that Americans are tired of the same old back room politics.

In NYC we had our Congressional primaries and let me tell you that times are really changing.  In an important race to replace Congressman Charles Wrangle we had State Assemblyman Keith Wright and State Senator Adriano Espaillat going head to head to win the primaries. As it all came down to the wire and it was a close race, we now know that State Senator Espiallat will be the Democratic Congressional candidate.

I was really surprised to see that State Senator Espiallat won this primary. Assemblyman Keith Wright was backed by Congressman Charles Wrangle and was the favorite to win the nomination. As a son of Dominican parents I am absolutely honored to see that State Senator Espiallat will be the first ever Dominican born candidate to run for Congress. This is truly an American dream. Anything is possible in America. Regardless of what happens in the general election no one will be able to take this away from State Senator Espiallat.

Today I believe that people in NYC are calling and screaming for real changes. People in NYC and all around the Country are tired of the old ways our Congress woman/men are dealing with the day to day business in Washington D.C. They are no longer voting for name recognition. People want change and let me give you all  a fair warning to all Congress woman/man do not take your job for granted. We the people for the people are tired of being put in the back burner and we are taking things into our own hands.

Today we started a new path in life. State Senator Espaillat, is a man who grew up in a Third World Country. This is a place where people have little source of income or a chance to make something of themselves. Espaillat a man who is not only going to unite the people of New York City but a person who knows what it is to be poor and overcome adversity. It will not matter if you are Black, Hispanic, or White.State Senator Espaillat will work with all of us in the ghettos of New York City to help us overcome any adversity we have in front of us. Only a person who  has lived in poverty l can really understand the people who live it. He knows that there are no excuses and he knows people have to take responsibility for their own actions. Like Juan Marichal,  first Dominican baseball player to make it to the hall of fame, State Senator Espiallat is paving the way for many other up and coming Dominican politicians. Times are changing. We want our Congress woman/man to take responsibility for their actions. Warning (Congress) If you do not do your job we will vote you out.


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