I think for people to really understand my writing, They should read my home page on this blog. I am a true loving and peaceful person. I have an open mind and I write from the heart. I do not like the main stream media because they have their own way of selling their programs and are not really informing the public. I am a true believer of The Constitution. I believe it applies to all American citizens. I have been inside the White House and a background check was done on me and my family, so I would not have a problem amending our gun law to make it safer.

To me there is a difference between upholding the second amendment and adding methods to secure who is qualified to obtain a gun and who is not. Before you go crazy and say I am trying to take your guns away. I assure you that I am not.  The problem is some people should never own a gun. We have too many people who are not mentally stable enough to own a gun. There are people that have been on the FBI radar for terrorist behavior or known associations; they should not be allowed to obtain a gun for at least 5 years after a full investigation clears the person . We have too many loopholes in our system. We need to find better ways of providing for safe gun ownership. 

In America we glorify guns too much. Our movies and T.V. shows make guns look cool. Even our video games have all types of guns available. I am not putting the blame on the games or movies. All that I am saying is that sex and guns maker profits for all involved. I don’t even blame our Congress woman/men. I blame us, the regular people that keep allowing the same terrible acts to continue to happen while we stand on the side and let things go right back to the same old ways. Sandy Hook should have been our breaking point yet we lit a couple of candles, said prayers, made a promise to never forget Nothing changed.
We all know that our politicians are in the pockets of the NRA and the Tobacco companies, yet we still put them in office. Yes!! I am bringing big Tobacco into the conversation. For years they showed us James Dean smoking a cigarette with his black leather jacket making it seem cool, and they gave us the Marlboro man riding his horse with a cigarette in his mouth. When it comes to the money, that our government makes by taxing cigarette smokers and gun sellers/buyers they care very little about who dies and who lives. 
I am tired of seeing people die for no reason. Guns on their own do not kill people. The truth of the matter is that we the people pull the triggers on the guns. Why is it so wrong to add stricter gun laws? Why can’t we do better background checks on people?  How many more people have to die? We need to unite as a Country again. We need to put our differences aside and listen to one another and we will realize how much we all have in common. Let us stay committed to unite and not divide.



My Name is Joseph Garrido WE ARE THE MIGHTY FAMILY I am just doing the best I can in life. I am a writer from the Bronx, New York. I am a married man with two daughters. I write on Social living and Sports. If you know me, you know I love Baseball. My Wife has Peritoneal Mesothelioma Its a rare Cancer Caused By Asbestos. We have been in this battle for 3 years. I would do whatever it takes to find a cure. Please Keep in mind that this could happened to anyone. Help Me Find A CURE. FOLLOW BUTTON ON RIGHT CORNER -------------------------------->

3 thoughts on “GUN LAWS”

  1. I would have to say, I think you are missing the real issues on this subject.
    1. The FBI DID know about Mateen but did what the current administration wanted because Omar was a Muslim and repeatedly claimed discrimination when questions were asked.
    2. He was even allowed to work at a security firm, G4S, who is the primary contractor by our government for transportation of immigrants.
    3. In 2011, Homeland security investigator Phillip Haney advised Omar Mateen’s Mosque should be investigated for propagation of hate speech. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State shut down Haney’s investigation.
    4. Sandyhook, Orlando, and most every other mass shooting has taken place in gun free zones. The kind of psychopath who perpetrated a mass shooting will find an illegal way to obtain a gun, as the terrorists in Paris France did.
    5. Do a search on, “How many lives are save by civilian who conceal carry each year?” The estimated 200,000 or more potential victims who defend themselves speak to the other side of the issues.


    1. Thank You for taking the time to read the article. I think we agree that our government no matter who is in office must do more to protect us the citizens. Adding more background checks and not letting someone who has been investigated by the FBI 3 times for terrorist association obtain a gun must be a factor. People will always get a gun legal or not legal, but the truth of the matter is that in all mass shooting we have lived by all have been committee by legal guns not illegals ones. Just saying.


      1. Hillary Clinton has been under investigation by the FBI for two years and word is she will not be charged for anything even though she deleted 30,000 emails after the announcement of investigation.
        The FBI has lost all credibility.


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