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To all the people who do not know me personally the best way I can describe myself in one word is “Persistence”. I am a true believer in “try again until you get it right”. I don’t give up and I know that life is a lesson we all must learn. I am a true family man. Everything I do is for my family. One of my goals in life is to open up my daughters eyes to a bigger world than just the Bronx NY.

I am a Concierge working overnights in NYC. I am also a Shop Steward for my local union 32bj and as you see I am also a writer. Being a Shop Steward gives me a chance to do a lot of political events.

On Saturday February 27th 2016 I attended the 32bj 4th Annual Black History Month Award Ceremony event at my union.  I was able to bring my daughters to this event as I would like them to know more about the life and struggles of people who paved the way for better civil rights in America. My daughters had a great time and they got a chance to see and meet The New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio, NY State Congressman Charles Rangle and a few other invited guests.


People in the inner cities of America have forgotten the struggles that our ancestors had to endured for all of our civil rights. People have taken for granted the right we have to vote. A lot of people died so we could have the right to vote and yet nowadays people just do not care. My wife and I make it a point to teach our daughters on the importance of voting. We can all complain about how wrong things are, but we should all ask our selves what are we doing to make things better? People should stop the generational cycle. If my grandmother and my mother did not vote then maybe I should. This is the only way could change the cycle.

I keep hearing the same excuse over and over. People always want to leave things to the next person. We need to stop the excuse that people can’t remember that our voices count.  Do not let people who have the money dictate the way you live your life. Stand up for yourselves. Teach your children the value of self-respect and respect for community.  Stand up for all the people who paved the way for us to have the things we have today.

I am glad that I have the opportunity to do political things for my union that effect the low income communities that I live in. This fills me with pride and honor to know that I am not just standing on the side lines. I also see that many in my neighborhood feel the same way I feel. The problem is that the majority of the people in my neighborhood do not feel the same. We need to change this way of living. 






My Name is Joseph Garrido
I am just doing the best I can in life.
I am a writer from the Bronx, New York. I am a married man with two daughters. I write on Social living and Sports. If you know me, you know I love Baseball I only write my opinions that I see and hear from my neck of the woods. I feel people should try to inform themselves as much as they can. My job on this Blog is to give you all the information you might need to know about any cool upcoming MINT PROS EVENTS. I will always write from my heart and from what I am living. I am always looking to make myself better and reach higher goals in life. I have all my faith in God and I know that with God all things are possible. Please feel free to subscribe to my Blog. I write a new article every week and it is post it on Saturday by 9am. I offer a different perspective than anyone else. I guarantee it. FOLLOW BUTTON ON RIGHT CORNER -------------------------------->

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