After another crazy week in the fight against terrorism we find our self divided in what should our next step be. Most people are saying that we should put troops on the ground and that we should be more involved in the attacks against ISIS. I feel that most people really don’t understand how this terror group works. With AL QAEDA we knew that their safe haven was in Afghanistan but with ISIS it’s a little different, to give you a better perspective people should think about ISIS as gangs in the United States.  

If you look at gangs like MS13, the Bloods, The Crips well they are scattered all throughout the country. Same thing goes for ISIS. They all have different “SETS” as they are called. If you attack the “SET” in the north the “SET” in the south will take over. They dress like you and me and they become part of your communities.  They have their hand signals and they have their way of speaking to one another without anyone else knowing. The only difference is that they use bigger guns and have bombs that the gangs here in the United State do not have..

Before sending our troops over there let us do our homework first. We are not dealing with the same kind of terrorist like Osama Bin Laden. This group is spread out methodically and they stick to their strategy. Their main goal is to put fear into people and I feel we are falling right into their hands. We might just be walking into their trap and as soon as we put boots on the ground and we start losing our fellow Americans they automatically gain the advantage on us. As an Uncle of a active Marine I would hate to lose my nephew knowing he walked into a trap because people where pressured into sending troops over there.

Please do not get me wrong I feel ISIS is a group of cowards that won’t attack the government, but attacks unsuspected civilians that are not able to protect themselves. Anyone who hits you while your back is turned is a coward. They don’t dare to go up against anyone who is ready to fight them face to face.

Our government and our Presidential candidates have to realize that we can’t solve all of the world problems. We have many issues in our country that we need to addressed first before we deal with other countries. As for the people looking to shut down the refugee program think about this, none of the 9/11 attackers came in to this country as refugee’s they came in with student visas and to me that is more of a problem. As a son of immigrants I am proud of my parents that made the journey to come and live in this wonderful country. Not all immigrants are bad people. My parents taught me that hard work and perseverance goes a long way and if I apply myself I could accomplish anything. 




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2 thoughts on “TERROR IN AMERICA”

  1. Keep in mind is that this is an ongoing conflict. It is a convenient narrative to characterize terrorist attacks as unprovoked, the truth is that Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen are war torn. It is not unreasonable to trace much of the damage and conflict back to the invasion of Irag following 9/11. Conversations that I’ve had with American veterans about the blowback effects of civilian and military casualties make it clear that the U.S. and Europe cannot be considered innocent bystanders. We are still waging war in the middle east, both militarily and monetarily. Whether you believe we are on the right side of the conflict or not, we must understand that this is not a question of good vs. evil. The biggest differences between terrorism and bombing cities is budget and technology. As with your gang warfare analogy, cries for retribution exist on both sides. This is a war like every other with both sides claiming to be on the side of freedom. In the end, I am on the side of those seeking to resolve conflict, not those who would exacerbate it.

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    1. I agree with you Mr. Jones. I don’t think there is a right or wrong side to this. We as Americans are guilty to judge others without knowing them. I would not like to lose a family member because we feel pressured to retaliate. If we could find a better resolution to conflict that started long before 9/11 I am all for it.


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