Last Sunday I woke up to watch the morning news shows. All I saw from Meet the Press to Face the Nation was about  Donald Trump being on SNL(Saturday Night Live). As a registered voter from the Bronx, I am tired of watching unwanted news. We are getting closer as a nation to making a decision on who our next President will be, and yet I don’t hear anyone of the Candidates speaking on any issues that will affect my community.

I feel that the media is only concentrating on getting ratings and we, the national public are getting the short end of the stick. We all know that the media hypocrisy  goes a long way, but they are the ones who are supposed to keep us informed. Maybe I am a little confused with this election cycle. I know that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both have been on SNL , so are they looking to get nominated for an Emmy Award or are they looking to get nominated for President of The United States?

On my last article “UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL”  I wrote that we need a person who is going to do for good for our country. We are a divided nation as it is. We need our Presidential Candidates to unite and not divide. Let our Presidential Candidates tell us their plans to unite this country. How are they going to bring back communities that have been forgotten by our elected officials?

Things at this moment are on a stand still. Our country is severely on a downfall and the rest of the world is watching us implode. From police brutality to Black Lives Matter, education and lets not forget income inequality. We as a nation don’t know where we stand. We are the laughing-stock of the world. No one is taking us seriously anymore. We can’t tend to our own home land, so how can we tend to other problems in another part of the world? The United States is ranked 115th out of 200 countries in this world in education. This should be the biggest issue in our Presidential Debates.

I could care less that Trump and Hillary are on SNL. I want to hear what they plan to do for our country. Let us be the smart nation that cares about our children’s futures. I plan to listen to all candidates and see where they stand on education and income inequality. We as a nation for far too long have ignored the huge problems that have lingered throughout our nation. We would rather be more informed on the latest iPhone than about the issues that effect our country.  It’s a shame that we as a country rank 115th in the world on education.  Is it just me or are other people bothered by this ? Does anyone cares? If so, why are people not raising their voices?  Please let me know if you feel that this is a shame that our country is rank 115th in education. Tell me what you think.



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My Name is Joseph Garrido WE ARE THE MIGHTY FAMILY I am just doing the best I can in life. I am a writer from the Bronx, New York. I am a married man with two daughters. I write on Social living and Sports. If you know me, you know I love Baseball. My Wife has Peritoneal Mesothelioma Its a rare Cancer Caused By Asbestos. We have been in this battle for 3 years. I would do whatever it takes to find a cure. Please Keep in mind that this could happened to anyone. Help Me Find A CURE. FOLLOW BUTTON ON RIGHT CORNER -------------------------------->

2 thoughts on “SHAME ON US, RANKED 115TH !!!”

  1. I like your blog, it takes guts, repetition & getting out of your comfort zone to start what your doing & doing a good job of getting the word out there.

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    1. I write from the heart and only what I lived and what I have seen. If you like this article you might like the others on my home page. I am trying to spread the word that we can do better in this world. This is why politics is important to me. Thank You Felipe.


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