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The home of the brave, the land of the free. What a great country we live in. The more I see the news, the more surprised I get day in and day out. Last week we saw a New York City Police officer killed in the line of duty in Spanish Harlem. A few days later we saw people protesting police brutality and a huge Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino calling police officers “murderers”.

We are already a divided nation. It does not matter if you are Hispanic, Black, White, or Asian. We all stereotype one way or another. The funny thing is that it really does not matter what we do for a living. At first glance we see skin color and assumed ethnicity. We look at how they are dressed and once again we assume. Now a days we are quick to judge and come to a conclusion on everything we hear and see on the news. Even if we don’t know the full story, we automatically go with what the newscaster said.

Our country has gone in a different direction that I remember growing up in. When a police officer is killed in the line of duty protecting and serving our community we should not go out and protest police brutality. Shame on those protesters and shame on Mr. Tarantino for financing this event. Please don’t misunderstand what my point is. I know that there are a few bad police officers out in this world. Yes, there are one too many bad apples, but the reality is that the murdered police officer in Spanish Harlem was one of the good ones. Not all of the police officers are bad and most have their own families.

With a Presidential election a year away, this should be the time that people unite. People like Mr. Tarantino should try to organized for good instead of trying to cause more harm. Communication between communities and police departments should be a part of the Presidential debates. People it’s time to have our voices heard. This is the time for real change. We should not let someone like Al Sharpton  lead the low-income communities into more failure and disappointments. He has only been an embarrassment to our communities. We need to take more responsibility for our own actions. We need to open up and realize that we have a huge problem in our own communities and start to take actions to fix them.



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