On January 20th 1969 Richard Nixon took office as our 37th President of The United States. As amazing as that sounds that year would prove to be more amazing than ever just ask The New York Metropolitans.


Amazin’: Remembering the Miracle Mets

The ’69 “Amazin’ Mets” of Seaver, Clendennon, Koosman, Kranepool, Jones, Agee, Grote and the rest are part of pop-culture lore as surely as Electric Ladyland and the police riots at the Democratic convention in Chicago in 1968 — not because they were the most dominant team of the age, but precisely because they weren’t. They were the Bad News Bears of the majors . . . except that, in the Mets’ case, they actually won it all in the end.

In 2015 we are embarking in our own amazing Presidential race. We have Trump, Bush, Hillary, and Sanders which one of these people will win in 2016? God only knows who but I have to say when it comes to baseball we have our own amazing story with our 2015 New York Mets with Harvey, Cespedes, Granderson, Duda, and Wright.

If history repeats itself, then this is one for the record books. With all the injuries the 2015 Mets had to endure and still be in 1st place with just a few games left in the regular season I think I could say there is something amazing about this team. Once again this is a team that defies the odds and  as of late they seem like they can’t lose a game even if they try just ask the Atlanta Braves.

This is not a Franchise that spends a lot of money to buy players like our other New York Teams. This is more of a home-grown base team where their players move up the ranks and through their farm system. The Stadium is built more as a family venue than a corporate venue. The tickets are cheaper and to be honest it allows low-income families to enjoy a great day at the park. The Food is also out of this world in Citi field.

My concern about the Presidential race is that if someone like Trump gets into the White House we might not be able to see players like Bartolo Colon, Wilmer Flores, Yoenis Cespedes or any other Central or Southern America players. He might just deem them as illegals and might just deport them out of the Country.  The one good thing I see so far from Mr. Trump is that he is making this election cycle pretty interesting, he is bringing in people who would never be interested in politics. He is making politics fun and he is really getting voters registration up. No matter how you might feel about him you have to give him credit for being so outspoken and saying things other politician won’t  say. 

Just like Mr. Trump there is a nice buzz going around NYC with the Mets this year. I see and hear die-hard NY Yankees fans speaking about the Mets more than their own team. They speak about Wilmer Flores (NY METS) On his dedication and heart-felt crying for not being traded. They speak about Bartolo Colon being a 42 year old player with one of the best records in the major leagues this year as a starting pitcher. They also speak on the Mets acquiring Yoenis Cespedes the new “New York City Home run King”.

Like Donald Trump the 2015 New York Mets team has the We don’t quit attitude just like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders The New York Mets are in it to win it. Many have doubted them and plenty have dismissed them but do not sleep on the New York Mets as they are getting the support of all Americans. Like in 1969 no one expected the Mets to win the World Series and many believe that the 2015 Mets wont win it neither but I guess time will tell just like soon we will find out who will be our next President. 



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