SWhy is it ok for Americans to fight for their Constitutional right for privacy against The Patriot Act but Low income communities have to sacrifice their Constitutional rights and give in to the stop-and-frisk?

The Fourth Amendment (Amendment IV) to the United States Constitution is the part of the Bill of Rights that prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures and requires any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause.

Mayor Bill de Blasio of NYC opposed stop-and-frisk from the start of his campaign in the city’s 2013 mayoral election. He was swept into the mayor’s office in January 2014 on a promise to reform the program.  The Mayor has kept his words and it has not made him to popular with most of the people even as a Federal judge ruled that tens of thousands of these stop-and-frisks by the NYPD had violated the Constitution because they had neither probable cause nor consent, and that the practice amounted to widespread racial profiling. But the overwhelming majority of the people the NYPD stopped in 2014 — 82% — were not arrested or given a summons. Under Bloomberg, 88% of those stopped weren’t charged in 2013.

I believe That no one should have their Constitutional rights violated. I don’t think that the NSA or any other governmental agencies should have the rights to obtain or monitor or save any of our personal information on any of their data banks. We all know about “big brother is watching” but why should they have information on who I am calling and how long I am on the phone for. Why do they need this information? Why did they lie about this? and Why did it take for someone like Edward Snowden to informed us on the NSA programs.

People should stop being hypocritical about these two issues. The Government wants to dived people. Letting you think that these two things are good for our way of living when in reality all their doing is stomping on our Constitution rights and leading us far away from what’s right and wrong. This has nothing to do with white and black this is all about up holding The Constitution Of The Untied States. What is good for you should be good for me.

Please watch this documentary Citizenfour Amazon Instant Video ~ Edward Snowden via @amazonsnow


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