S    The Constitution of the United States starts off by saying “We The People”.  The problem is that the reality that if you are a minority living in the inner city or in the ghettos of America you are held to a different standard. The Constitution of The United States is now manipulated and played upon the people living in these places. For years NYC had the stop and frisk policy.  It was ok for the police department to this as long as they kept it away from 5th avenue, Madison avenue, and Wall Street.  If you live in The Bronx, Staten Island, Harlem or any other ghetto the police officers had the right to stop and frisk you and gather all your personal information that they would put into their data base regardless if you have ever had any criminal back ground.  So imagine your walking into your building Police officers are just patrolling your building as you walk in with your daughters and they ask to see your ID. They would write down your information and put it into their data banks. Edward Snowden is consider a traitor of this country for letting the American people know how the Government is spying on them. This should not come to anyone as a surprise since we all know about big brother is watching. As a resident of the Bronx myself I have been stopped and frisked many times I do understand crime is high in NYC but like I tell the police officers “Not everyone in the Bronx is a criminal”. My problem with this is why is it ok for me to be stopped, frisked, and have my information taken down while people in the high end communities are not put through this same embarrassment. I am a hard worker that has been with a company for over 9 years. I make good money, married and 2 daughters and before anyone says well move out the neighborhood. I would like to say that this is my neighborhood I take pride of where I am from.

equal rights

All we ask for is equal rights for all. Teach our kids that taking pride in where you live and teaching kids family values are important to continue to grow and expand your horizon. All the things that are going on around us with cops killing un armed men and people protesting has nothing to do with black and whites. It has to do with the system failing us. We have one Constitution we don’t have 2 versions of it. All lives matters. One Nation under God. Be equal to one another the world will be a better place.  


My Name is Joseph Garrido WE ARE THE MIGHTY FAMILY I am just doing the best I can in life. I am a writer from the Bronx, New York. I am a married man with two daughters. I write on Social living and Sports. If you know me, you know I love Baseball. My Wife has Peritoneal Mesothelioma Its a rare Cancer Caused By Asbestos. We have been in this battle for 3 years. I would do whatever it takes to find a cure. Please Keep in mind that this could happened to anyone. Help Me Find A CURE. FOLLOW BUTTON ON RIGHT CORNER -------------------------------->

3 thoughts on “DIVIDED AMERICA”

  1. I can t believe that people don t know that the curfew in Baltimore is unconstitutional. What we have in Baltimore is selective Martial Law…undeclared by congress, the President or any othe entity of the federal government. The Governor has the right to declare limited, specific martial law in certain circumstances. This is not one of those and is clearly racist in its nature and results. I am hoping that all of the people refuse to leave tonight and that other community’s join then, and just simply sit on the ground and force the Baltimore police dept…who should have been ordered to stand down days ago. To arrest a million people.

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    1. This why as a blogger I feel we need to spread the word out. There are a lot of injustice in this world. We have one constitution that does not come in 2 sections. re blog the post. pass the word around. let people know the truth.


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