Sunday April 12 2015  Hillary Clinton has announce her run For President of the United States. This will mark her second Time around. As we all know that her first attempt was cut short by an un- known Senator from Chicago Barrack Obama.

Hillary 2.0 starts off strong as she will cock block Senator Marco Rubio (Republican) from Florida that is set to announce his run for President on Monday April 13 2015. She will without a doubt take all the press with her. People will talk about her Deleted Emails about Benghazi and a few about Monica Lewinski. 

  Hillary Clinton’s favorable rating from the American public currently stands at 48%, which is similar to her 50% reading last month, but is down from 55% last summer and from 59% a year ago.

Hillary Clinton Favorable Rating -- Selected Recent Trend

Since stepping down as secretary of state at the start of 2013, Clinton has been a more politicized figure. In addition to the email controversy, Clinton’s leadership at the Department of State has been a source of controversy for her, as the House of Representatives is conducting an investigation into the attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi in 2012. She is also a constant object of speculation about the 2016 elections.

This shift in tone has had a much greater effect on the attitudes of independents and Republicans, both of whom view her less favorably now than a year ago, than it has had on Democrats, whose positive view of Clinton is largely intact.

Hillary Clinton Favorable Rating -- Recent Trend by Party ID

After looking at all this Gallup polls, where are American going to stand? Are we really Ready For Hillary? Is she going to be strong enough to deal with all of our problems or is she just going to Delete them from our reality? Hillary 2.0 coming to America.



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