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TRANSCRIPT: The following is testimony as prepared for delivery by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

The terrorist attacks in Benghazi on September 11, 2012 that claimed the lives of four brave Americans — Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty — are part of a broader strategic challenge to the United States and our partners in North Africa. Any clear-eyed examination of this matter must begin with this sobering fact: Since 1988, there have been 19 Accountability Review Boards investigating attacks on American diplomats and their facilities.  Benghazi joins a long list of tragedies, for our Department and for other agencies.

As I have said many times since September 11, I take responsibility.  Nobody is more committed to getting this right.  I am determined to leave the State Department and our country safer, stronger, and more secure.

Since her Departure from The State Department I don’t think we have been safer or even more secured. In Fact we have been under more suspicion of her action during her time as Secretary of State.

After her interview with Dian Sawyer I was more confused. It’s not the empathy, it’s the honesty. Hillary Clinton told Diane Sawyer that she and her husband were “dead broke” when they left the White House. Was she trying to be one of the guys, was she trying to tell me that she was living pay check to pay check? or was this her way to make people look one way while she and her people tried to clean up her mess from her time in the Benghazi attack.

As reported Mrs.. Clinton, published by The New York Times late Monday night, left many Democrats privately expressing wonder as late as Wednesday morning that Mrs. Clinton and her aides had not anticipated the political problems this could create.

WASHINGTON — The revelation that Mrs. Clinton conducted government business entirely on a private email account as secretary of state.   As State Department lawyers sifted last summer through a new batch But they noticed that among the 15,000 documents they examined, there were no emails to or from an official departmental account for Mrs. Clinton.of documents related to the Benghazi attacks, they repeatedly saw something that caught their attention: emails sent to and from a personal account for Mrs. Clinton.

So the gloves come off now. Is Hillary going to Run or is She going to Duck? As a prospective Presidential candidate she knows her life is an open book. People are going to dig deep into her affairs publicly and privately. Your going to have to answer some tough questions, are you up for the Challenge ? 





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