Today on CNN In his first interview since Islamic State militants burned alive a Jordanian pilot, the King of Jordan spoke to CNN about why and how the country is going after the terror group. 

The King told CNN that he didn’t watch the video of the pilot’s slaying. “I — many of us refused to see what I think is propaganda,” Abdullah said. He felt “disgust, sadness for the family” and his “heart went out to the father, the mother, the brothers, the sisters,” the King continued. “His wife, they’d only been married for five months. (I felt) anger as the son of the Arab army, Jordanian armed forces. God bless his soul. He’s a brother in arms.

ISIS is “always trying to intimidate, scare, put fear in people’s hearts,” the King told CNN. “They are trying to invent falsely a linkage to a caliphate, link to our history in Islam that has no truth or bearing to our history.

So if King Abdullah does not want to give ISIS free propaganda in his country why do all news outlet in The United State want to continue to play all accounts of ISIS. I think all News outlets are more of the recruiting points for people to join ISIS than Facebook and Twitter put together. Stop Giving Them Some Much Free Propaganda.



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