These are hard times we live in, we have a lot of people pointing fingers and getting angry at our Government and I get it but at time people should really look to them self and take responsibility for their own actions.

I remember getting my first Credit Card at the age of 17 I thought I was the Big King at that time because they gave me a Credit of $300.00 by the way I was unemployed and lived with my mom and dad. Not even 3 month past by when I maxed out the card and I could not afford the payments and like a lot of other people out there I defaulted on payments and my not so good credit history began.

Living in the Bronx we all Hear the same stories day in and day out. Times are hard out there. People are not trying to hire me or how can I work when I have no one to tend to my child. The Government should try and do more for us. We have a Black President that has not done anything for us. Well to be honest these are all excuses made up by the people and for the people. The easy way out of life is to blame the next person and not your self. I work hard every day or I should say nights since I work overnights. but I take pride in what I do because I know I am trying to give my family a better life.



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