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As a lot us do day in and day out we sit in front of our laptops, computers or what ever our favorite device is and criticize our Government and our local politicians. We criticize people and other situations a lot of us do a lot of talking back and forth but the reality is we do very little actual work to try and make a difference.

Today we are told that the 26 year old US aid worker Kayla Mueller was killed. To me she is  THE REAL AMERICAN HERO she didn’t sit in front of a computer or laptop and criticize our Government or local politician’s. She went out there and try to help people hands on work. This girl at the young age of 26 did more in her life than a lot of us have ever done in more years in this life. Its pretty easy for us to sit back and judge what we see and read on the internet or what we see on tv. but how many of us are willing to become Aid workers. How many of us would leave the comfort or our home to help people just live an extra day. I don’t think to many of would.

President Barack Obama expressed his “deepest condolences” to Mueller’s relatives and confirmed the young woman’s death. Mueller was captured in Syria in August 2013

We all could watch a movie and easily say wow that’s a hero movie or what a super hero, but to be honest lets Honor THE REAL LIFE SUPER HERO Kayla Mueller 





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